Teacher’s AND SCHOOL Gift Bags

With the many successes that occur in schools, colleges and universities, it is important to say thank you to your teachers, lecturers and fellow students for their exemplary work and impact in the school. Buying them a gift is a perfect way to show your appreciation, but finding the right gift can be tricky and time consuming.

At Whoo Hoo Gift Bags, we know how important it is to give back and recognise hard work and spread positivity at school. That is why we have a wide range of teacher gift bags and options that are ideal for students as well. The perfect packaging for your gift at school.

Teacher and School Gift Bags

Whether you’re looking to send a gift to your teacher, a colleague or a student, we have a wide range of gift bags that will not only provide the perfect presentation for your gift but also prove to be functional and unique. Our range of teachers and school gift bags are made from washable PU coated waterproof polyester so your gift is safe until it reaches its recipient.

We also have PE bags and Book folders that make ideal gifts for both kids and adults. All our bags come in a wide range of colours and design ideal for all ages. We can have them embroidered for you on your request, we can even add motifs and names to make sure you never go home with the wrong bag.

With Whoo Hoo gift bags, the packaging will also be part of the gift. Our bags are designed to be re-usable and washable. The bag remains functional long after the gift has been safely delivered.

Teacher and School Gifts

We can also help you find the perfect gift for your teacher, colleague or fellow student. We have some useful gifts that are perfect for the school setting, for both adults and children.

Our most popular gifts are PE bags and School Book folders because of their practicality around a school setting and how useful they are. We also have teacher’s gift bags filled with various gifts. If you have particular gifts in mind, you can choose them and we’ll add them to the bag.

Gifts should always be thoughtful and stand out from other gestures. Our gift bags give you the best chance of expressing your emotions and how you really feel when giving the gift. You can choose to have a ‘Thank You’ on your gift bag, have the name of the recipient or even have a motif of your choice. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we will help you add a dash of personality and depth to your gift bag.

We also offer jewellery gift bags and unicorn gift bags.