Drawstring Christmas Bags

How do you feel about tying the perfect bow on each of your Christmas presents? If you’re like most people, you find it tedious and it takes a lot of time. The problem is, if you get the bow wrong, most times the box looks unsymmetrical.

Getting the bow wrong is just one of the problems you have to put up with when packaging Christmas gifts. You have to worry about getting the packaging paper folded properly around the edges. Usually, it takes a family effort to get all the gifts wrapped and ready. As you would guess, this increases the chances of ruining surprises.

At Whoo Hoo Gift Bags, we have a solution that will make gifting during the Christmas period a breeze and time-saving. Drawstring Christmas gift bags. With our unique range of bags, all you need to do is throw in the gift, tug at the strings and you have the perfect gift packaging in just a fraction of the time.

Our drawstring Christmas gift bags are more than just a convenience and a quick fix. With our unique bags, there’s plenty to be excited about!


Our Christmas drawstring gift bags come in all shapes and sizes. We have small bags ideal for small gifts and large sizes for when you want to go all out for your friends and family. We have bags in various colours and designs and we have bags made from different materials. No matter what you’re looking for in the perfect Christmas gift bag, rest assured you will find it in our wide range of options.


Other than being noticed for your creativity and thoughtfulness in the gifts you give, you also want your gift to stand out. That is what gift packaging is for. At Whoo Hoo gift bags, we provide you with creative and innovative options that will help you stand out and they are unique.

If you happen to have the creative bug, you can share your ideas with us and we can help you bring the ideal gift bag to life. We can customise anything from the colours, the design, embroidery if any and even a motif if you have one in mind. Our goal is to help you come up with the most interesting designs for your gift bag.


The most captivating part about using our gift bags is the fact that they are re-usable. You don’t just send out the gift and forget the bag. The bag is actually part of the gift. Our bags are made from highly durable materials which means they will stick around for some time and while they are around you can put them to good use and enjoy the benefits of having a gift bag that you won’t just toss away after opening the gift.

Remember how you go beast mode when you try to see what's in the box, but the wrapping is in your way? It can be frustrating and messy. With drawstring gift bags, that's not the case. Accessing your gift is simple and fast. No more anxiety or torn pieces of paper on the floor. Get in touch with us today for a wide range of customised and interesting gift bags.