Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas is the best time to give gifts. With so many people to remember and so many gifts to choose from, not much time or attention goes into the packaging. That is where Whoo Hoo Gift Bags come in. Our job is to worry about your Christmas gift packaging, so you don't have to. 

We can also go one step further and fill the bags with your preferred gifts if you don’t have the time to go out and get the gifts yourself. Giving Christmas gifts has never been this easy. What’s more, with our Whoo Hoo Gift Bags even the bag is a great gift. They are re-usable and washable. Some of our customers have reused their gift bags to store jewellery, toiletries, trinkets, sweets, toys, pegs, make-up, keepsakes, gadgets, which are to name but a few uses, whilst others have used them again to give gifts to other people.

Small, Medium and Large Bags

It doesn't matter how big the Christmas gift you have in mind is. With Whoo Hoo Gift Bags, you will have the perfect Christmas bag to deliver the gift. We offer various sizes of customised Christmas bags ideal for different gifts.

Small Bags

The best gifts come in small packages and at Whoo Hoo Gift Bags, we firmly believe this. We have a wide range of customised small bags in various sizes that will add a touch of class and value to your gift. Our range of small Christmas bags are handmade and we have a wide range of unique Christmas gifts and surprises to choose from to bring the Christmas giving spirit to your friends and family. Small bags that make the most profound impact.

Medium Bags

Are you thinking of a big Christmas gift? Worried about not having enough wrappers? With our medium Christmas Whoo Hoo Gift Bags, we can help you make your gift more special and throw in the benefit of having a reusable bag to the recipient. We have various options and designs of Christmas gift bags that you can choose from. All our medium bags are made from quality fabrics and are handmade for the best results and finish.

Large Bags

We have the perfect large sized Christmas gift bags for the out of this world sized gifts. Don't let the lack of proper packaging give away the surprise. With our bespoke large sized Christmas gift bags, you can deliver your gifts in style. We also have a variety of gifts that would work perfectly with our large sized bags, so you don't have to worry about your choice of bags. At Whoo Hoo Gift Bags, we will make sure you have the right bag to deliver your gift.

Presents for the Whole Family

Do you find getting gifts for your friends and family difficult? It can be! It's not all about buying something for those you love but getting gifts that they will enjoy and find useful. If you have any challenges, our Whoo Hoo family can help you pick and fill your choice of Christmas gift bag with the right gifts for every member in the family.

With Whoo Hoo Gift Bags, Christmas gift buying has never been this easy. We make you functional and reusable gift bags with or without gifts inside.